Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday show-off

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope you're all having a lovely, relaxing day. I'm having a pretty good one here. The sun is shining (sort of), I'm having mushroom soup for lunch and Bruce is being super cute all curled up in a chair. I've got the house to myself today because Mr. R is away at work. It's nice, but I feel lonely today for some reason. I usually really like having my at home alone time, oh well, just one of those days I guess.

Seeing as how it's a nice relaxing Sunday, I've got something to show off to all of you. No, it's not a completed crochet project but it is crochet and craft related. And it makes me happy.

Are you ready?

You want to know what it is?

Should I just tell you already?

It's my swap goodies!!

I participated in a swap on Ravelry a little while ago with the We Love Lucy group and I'm finally getting around to sharing the lovely gifts I received from crochetster.

The whole lot!
I love Sugar 'n Cream! How did you know?!
This pink cotton feels amazing!
More FUN!
Cute monogram tissues and a notebook and some yummy candy

Thank you so much for the awesome swap package!
Once again, cellphone pics so the colour is a little off. The yarn is way brighter in person. Especially the Lion Brand Fun, it's crazy bright!
I've got plans for some of the yarn already but I'm not sure what to make with the pink cotton. It feels so lovely but I don't know what to do with it. Maybe a pair of gloves or mittens? Any ideas?

So that was my 'Show-off Sunday', how'd it go? Hopefully I'll have something neat to show off most Sundays. It seems like a good day for this sort of thing.

Thanks for stopping by

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Some current projects

Hello everyone!

I’ve had a busy few days of work, hooking, and returning to school. Wow, I’m kind of tired now.

There was a huge drama between myself and my university’s admin office. They didn’t actually register me until just this week and September is pretty much over! Thursday was officially my first day back. I was really stressed about going back this year. I feel like I’ve been away from school for way too long (even though it hasn’t been that long at all) and I’m starting off late. Not a great way to start the year if you ask me. I wandered in to classes with profs I’ve never met before and I was totally lost. Our school relies on an online system to deliver important course information to students. This is how you get your class schedule, assignments, readings, and anything else you need. I, of course, didn’t have access to this until just last night – after my classes! So I had no idea where we were supposed to be in our course material and readings…..there was a test in my morning class. It was like one of those horrible school nightmares where you show up naked and you’re late for an exam and you didn’t study except that it was real – making it way worse. Oh yes, and I wasn’t naked. At least I remembered to wear clothes to school!

So that’s that. I’ve been at work all week too, I am SO looking forward to having the weekend off. I’m not feeling so hot today and all I want to do is curl up in a blankie with Bruce (my handsome orange tabby) and hook away on some projects I have on the go right now.

Speaking of projects on the go, I’ve been participating in a monthly goal/tracking thread over on Ravelry. I had listed 3 goals for September:

  1. Complete the white and navy Big Granny throw
  2. Begin the Very Berry Shawl
  3. Choose a pattern or design one myself for brother’s xmas blanket

So far, I’m not doing too poorly but I could be further along with the Big Granny. The end is in sight, I’m sure of it. Although, I don’t think it will get completed by the end of the month. Progress is great with the shawl though! I’m making it with Vanna’s Choice, it’s my first time ever using VC and I was so excited about working with new yarn that I got carried away with the shawl and forgot about working on the granny throw. I’m making little progress with brother’s blanket. I know I want to make it with red, black, white and gray because he likes all the colours I like but, I haven’t decided on a pattern yet. I’m really up in the air about whether I want to make a bunch of motifs and stitch them together or whether I want it to be made all in one piece. Any suggestions??

Here's a couple pics to show you what I'm working on:

Very Berry Shawl in Vanna's Choice. Colours are (from bottom to top): Eggplant, Burgundy, Magenta, Purple and Dusty Purple.
Big Granny Throw in Red Heart Super Saver. Colours are White and Soft Navy.     

Sorry for the kind of crappy pictures, I snapped these with my cellphone in the middle of the night, haha. I've made progress on both of these since taking the pictures so I'll have to get some updated shots when I have some time, and good light. 

I actually wanted to post this yesterday but I didn't get around to it. Me and Mr. R were watching Boondock Saints and eating pizza, that's what distracted me from blog land. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty awesome.

And just because I want to, here's another cool photo:

Awesome macro photo from here. Prints available!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What a day!

Have you ever felt like you were on an 'emotional rollercoaster'?
I've been feeling that the last couple of days. I was all of these things in just several hours today:
excited, hopeful, excited again, worried, confused, calm, stressed, worried again, scared, frantic, panicked, relieved, hopeful again, agitated, mad, sad, distressed, downtrodden, regretful, anxious, let down, hopeful yet again, frenzied, irritated, relieved again, happy and finally exhausted!

And what could possibly be the cause of all this ridiculous drama? The administration of my university of course. It's a long and convoluted story and I don't want to bore you with the details but I will say this - they gave me a panic attack and put me through a whole lot of BS that I shouldn't have had to deal with. I'm very thankful that it all worked out in the end though, and now I can stop worrying.

Now, dearest Mr. R is cooking up something that smells really good and we're watching Death Race - pretty awesome as far as your straight up action flick goes. Yes, that's right, I crochet as I watch sweet movies with fighting, racing, shooting, killing and explosions. It's a good life.

I'll leave you with today's photos, they have nothing to do with fighting, racing, shooting, killing, or explosions but they do make me feel all warm and fuzzy and happy (in honor of having my school drama all taken care of)

Find the photos (available as prints) HERE


Saturday, September 18, 2010


Ok, I did it. I've started a blog!
I've been told by many a blogger that it's quite therapeutic to spew out all your thoughts and ramblings over the internet, we shall see how this goes.

I hope to use the blog to share crafty goodness and some general-type stuff with you. Oh! And photos. Hopefully lots of photos.

I think the bulk of my crafty-like posts will be crochet or fiber art related as that's pretty much all I've been working on lately. I have a goal to complete 3 whole crochet projects by Christmas to gift to family: mum, dad, and brother but that's a whole other blog post!

I think for now I'll stick to a super simple hello and welcome and since I want to make sure I include at least 1 photo every time I post (because who doesn't like photos?!) I'll leave you with my 'photo of the day' 

My cat-baby. His name is Bruce.