Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What a day!

Have you ever felt like you were on an 'emotional rollercoaster'?
I've been feeling that the last couple of days. I was all of these things in just several hours today:
excited, hopeful, excited again, worried, confused, calm, stressed, worried again, scared, frantic, panicked, relieved, hopeful again, agitated, mad, sad, distressed, downtrodden, regretful, anxious, let down, hopeful yet again, frenzied, irritated, relieved again, happy and finally exhausted!

And what could possibly be the cause of all this ridiculous drama? The administration of my university of course. It's a long and convoluted story and I don't want to bore you with the details but I will say this - they gave me a panic attack and put me through a whole lot of BS that I shouldn't have had to deal with. I'm very thankful that it all worked out in the end though, and now I can stop worrying.

Now, dearest Mr. R is cooking up something that smells really good and we're watching Death Race - pretty awesome as far as your straight up action flick goes. Yes, that's right, I crochet as I watch sweet movies with fighting, racing, shooting, killing and explosions. It's a good life.

I'll leave you with today's photos, they have nothing to do with fighting, racing, shooting, killing, or explosions but they do make me feel all warm and fuzzy and happy (in honor of having my school drama all taken care of)

Find the photos (available as prints) HERE


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