Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hello all,

This morning my poor cat-baby had to be taken to the vet. We think Bruce may have a urinary infection. He's been acting differently for a little while, walking around the house crying for apparently no reason and he's peed outside of his litter - which he has never done before!

Bruce, my cat-baby
We packed him up this morning and drove him off to the vet. They checked him out and told us it's very possible he's got a urinary infection of some sort. Of course, they don't know this until they can get a urine sample to test and of course Bruce had an empty bladder. Pee fail!

So my poor kitty had to stay with the vet today. I had to leave him there and then take off to work. I wasn't prepared for him to be staying over at the vet's office tonight so I didn't bring anything from home to leave with blankie, no toys, nothing. I feel so bad! 

Hopefully he can get all sorted out and back to his normal self but I think he may need some extra love when he comes home.

Kisses from Bruce!
Lots of love from Lindsey and Bruce!


by Teresa said...

Awwww.. it's bad when your fur-kid is having health issues. He's lucky to have parents who will pay to get him fixed up. Last year a coyote nearly killed my little Cairn Terrier, Buddy. But he lived due to the skill of the vet. Hang in there fur-baby!

Hazel said...

Awww hunny it's awful when our pets are ill but he is in the best hands and when he sees you he will be all over you! x