Saturday, December 4, 2010

Guess what!?

Hello blogworld buddies,

First of all, Bruce and I thank everyone for the well-wishes that were given when I announced that he was spending the night at the vet's office. He is just fine and has gotten right back to work on his plans for world domination.
Please excuse the rather poorly cell phone photo, but here he is, looking sassy:

Taking over the world with his good looks

 Secondly, you'll never guess what horrible thing happened to me. Ok, I'm fairly sure someone could guess but that makes it no less horrible.
My computer died!! I don't even know what happened. I was just hanging out with my lappy, probably thinking about all the cool things I could share on my blog when all of a sudden........nothing. It was just dead. This was particularly heartbreaking to me because not only have I lost all of my movies, music, photos, and programs....I lost an entire semester of school work. I'm sure some of you know how much work goes into a 3rd year term paper and for those of you who do not, let's just say it's not pretty.
I tend to email myself copies of my class notes and other such things just in case of some terrifying event like this so I was able to hang onto some things but I did not email myself copies of all the research that was going into 2 term papers, the outlines for said papers and the beginnings of the first drafts. All that stuff was sitting on my hard drive patiently waiting to be backed up on the weekend (which was only a day away) when I was going to do some computer maintenance. 

I kind of had a breakdown. I lost my shit over losing my term papers, I cried because that little lappy was my only computer and I had been extremely proud about being able to save enough money to buy it for myself. That may not seem like a big deal to some people but it's no secret that I am not well off and that I don't have many nice things. It's also no secret that I bust my hump for everything I do have so to me, it was a big deal. Anyways, I'll spare you guys any more depressing rants about my school related nervous breakdowns and the sadness over losing all my photos and stuff. Long story short, at least half of the situation has been rectified and there's another computer in the house. That means I can blog again! haha......

Now I have to tell you about my hooky happenings since I last shared with everyone.

I completed a black, purple and orange Halloween bunting to decorate the empty wall above my tv. I have to admit, it's still hanging up there and it's December!

I started working on a Queen Anne's Lace scarf in burgundy. It's long enough to be a scarf right now but I just keep going. I had to try it out when I spied THIS post from the lovely Alice (and Raymond). Her scarf is just so beautiful!

Then there's the granny shawl I posted about very briefly HERE. This was to be a Christmas present for my mum but things seem to have gone awry and I can't get my hands on any more Vanna's Choice to finish it. There are no shops in my city that sell VC so I have to go out of town and further south to shop for it. I haven't had the opportunity to do this for ages and it doesn't seem likely that I'll be able to go before Christmas. Needless to say, I finally accepted the fact that dear mum won't be getting this particular item for some time. I've decided to make her a reasonably sized lap blanket in easily accessible yarn instead. Progress photos to come very soon.

I finished a tissue box cozy in black, purple and green. You know, like The Joker. Yes, the one from Batman. Haha, I do love me some Batman.

When I ran out of yarn for other projects, I started hooking up some squares for the Bullseye Blanket. Pattern can be found HERE. I'm just using cotton scraps for this. This really is a fantastic pattern that will put those scraps to good use! I do actually have a couple of photos of this one:

Blue bullseye

Green bullseye
My circles are a bit wavy but I don't mind. Things like that usually work themselves out after the piece is finished and has been washed/used. It's just for me anyways, it's not like it has to be gifted to someone.

So that's pretty much the roundup. The 'quick and dirty' if you will.
Now I've got to be off, I have some crochet to tend to.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and I'll be talking to you soon,

Hugs and kisses from wintery Ontario xoxo.